TETRA was once a wise elder whose peaceful homeland Protesia was destroyed by the Wars of Cancellation. Tetra was forced to abandon her bodily form and infuse her conciousness with a starship to preserve the wisdom of her lost civilization. Determined to save the Multiverse from the evils of chaos and violence, she searched the vast realms of time to enlist three warriors to aid her on ner noble quest.

CENTARI was all too familiar with the whims of gods and strange beasts, living in the competitive and mythical lands of Olympia. She studied the scrolls of wisdom and warfare and mastered archery under the strict tutelage of the centaur Nectarious. of the Multiverse. Her magic bow and keen foresight give her a flair for combat and diplomacy.

XANTHOR No stranger to epic battle, Xanthor devoted his life to banishing evil from his domain. After ascending to the throne and obtaining the Icefire sword of his ancestors, he tamed the Crystal Dragon of Illgagorn, slayed the the Triffigon Beast, and threatened the malevolennt Lord Xaos. With the strength of a bear and the cunning of a hawk lord, he is a match for any foe.

G1GS While employed as a computer tech for the Cartesia Corporation, G1gs hacked into the system and halted several projects that would endanger life forms in her star system, making her a wanted criminal and a hero among hackers. Aboard Tetra, she continues to put her technical know how to good use. With her wrist interface Omnicomp, there is no machine she can't fix and no code she isn't willing to crack.

FALCO QUASAR sometimes capable ally but mostly there to mingle. Falco is a self proclaimed entrepreneur and Universal Class dancer. After befriending the Multinauts on Volturnous, he acquired a beta-tested Multiuniversal transfer device from Fuchicorp, which he uses to bounce around the Multiverse on his noble quest for nightlife.

INDIGIRKA The evil priest who rules the dark temple of Cherotec. With his golden mirrored hands, Indigirka can deflect most forms of attack,as well as blast deadly beams of light. Those who enter his domain risk being drawn into a frightening realm that causes disorientation and confusion.
TERRACOTTA an entitiy who gains her power from feasting on the menergy of living beings. Once the acquired powers are drained from the victim, they become weak, hollow, and forever prisoners of her chambers.

SEWER MUTANT due to advanced mutsations his origins are unknown. However,recent research warrants a possible human exposed to arge quantities of Fuse waste manufactured by Nork Korp. Small and generally harmless, the sewer mutant lives asolitary life and tends to be terse in his interactions. He prefers to avoid violence by blending into walls and navagating the vast tunnels of the sewer system.

TEMPLE SCARAB larger than an average insect, the ancient scarab's black and gold covering makes it difficult to detect in the black sand deserts of Cherotec. It moves with stelath and silence making it so that their prey doesn't realize they have been bitten until it's too late. The scarab's venom causes possession which in some cases is worse than poison.

PREPPIES These yound professionals usually come from well-to-do, upper galactic families. Although conservative in their beliefs, they love to blow off steam at raging parties after working long days. They tend to go particularily wiild if they consume Wreckton beer. Since they refuse to be out of communcation with potential money making jobs, they will not take off their telephonic earpieces. (which also leaves them susceptible to corporate tampering)

REPTILIANS In the past many conspiracy theories surrounded these creatures. In archaic times many believed these disguised creatures were humanoids from the hollow earth awaiting a new world order. However, after the Wars of Cancellation the truth was revealed. They were nothing more than a new creation of Oysters Rockafeller who with the touch of a button could shapeshift anyone with his NT&T; wireless plan into a blood thirsty beast.

SAGAT After scouring the Multiverse over many years and through several dimensions, Oysters Rockafeller discovered SAGAT. His mind and body were scanned to bring about the formula for NAC Cosmetics best selling perfume SAGAT.